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Rebecca Thompson

Born in Arkansas, Rebecca Teeter Thompson attended William Woods College, Hendrix College, and the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She studied art at the University of Arkansas with Guido Frick and Terry Rowlett. Before making the transition to full-time painting, she worked as a gardener at the Arkansas governor’s mansion and as a garden designer.

Thompson’s paintings come from her travels, from ordinary objects that catch her eye in a new way, and from people caught in a pivotal moment. Her atmospheric strokes of color, her washes of light and her sense of place engage the viewer and invite lingering.

Rebecca prefers to paint on-site. If this is not possible, she relies on site-made sketches, color notes, and journal entries to supplement photographic records. Her painting have been included in many private and public collections, including the William J. Clinton/Thea Foundation Art Across Arkansas Collection.

Rebecca currently lives in Arkansas and Maine with her husband, two dogs, and one cat. Her work is represented by galleries in Maine and Arkansas.

“Most of my work involves a moment captured. A moment that implies narrative and action, future or past. By doing this, I hope to create a sense of anticipation and invite the participation of the viewer. I want to tell a story, but let the viewer supply the details. Washes of light and atmospheric strokes of color are the tools for my painterly realism.”

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