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Andie Roberts

Andie Roberts collects things. From vintage toys and architectural remnants that carry their stories with them, to neglected buildings that she crafts a new future for, Roberts finds beauty in the abandoned. Visually contrasting color, texture, and pattern, along with soft and hard forms, her photography invites the viewer to peel back layers of the past and to see with fresh eyes. – Dolores Justus

Andie Roberts has been taking photographs since childhood, but has been approaching her photographic work seriously since 2008. Her work reflects her interest in architecture and the neglected places that hold memories of their past. Finding beauty in these abandoned spaces, her photographs are skillfully composed using a palette of what she “sees” to create a new way of experiencing and appreciating what is easy to overlook.

Based in Nashville since 1996, Roberts earned a Bachelors of Business Administration in Marketing and Music Business from Belmont University in Nashville, TN in 2000. Following graduation, she worked in the music industry and later in real estate, with a focus on serving artists and entertainers. “I have an obsession with architecture and wanted a way to get into buildings legally to look at them, which real estate facilitated,” states Roberts. She had been exploring old houses and buildings since she was a teenager, intrigued by what was left behind. In 2016, Roberts purchased and restored Cottage Court, a 1950s motor court in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas. After a year of restoration, Dame Fortune’s Cottage Court opened in May of 2017 and is now a popular tourist destination and is listed on the National Register of Historic Place. Roberts has since restored additional properties, both in Hot Springs and Nashville. She continues to work in real estate, while also maintaining her fine art photography practice.

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