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Robbie Brindley

“I was born and raised in Hot Springs, Arkansas. I take photos of the things I find romantic and unique about the place I’m from. The things that make it home. I go out alone and drive; It’s a form of meditation. I’m drawn to the quietness of the Delta and its lonely roads and forgotten places. Things in a place where a simple way of life seems to be forgotten, or at the least, admired. I romanticize the cicadas and humidity. I adore the dust in my mouth while thunderstorms roll in on the hottest summer day. I only shoot Portra 400 120 film using a Mamiya RB67. A camera that requires a tripod and careful attention when composing a photo. I over-expose by one stop to get a warm, dry feel that is part of the Delta landscape. My work is a slow process. Sometimes driving all day over many miles of backroads and dirt paths, passing small towns and empty fields, forms of kudzu and abandoned structures, to take one picture.” – Robbie Brindley