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"Evidence of Time" by Robyn Horn (c) - 48"h x 48"w - acrylics and rust on canvas painting

“Evidence of Time” by Robyn Horn  (c) – 48″h x 48″w – acrylics and rust on canvas


November 3-30, 2023

Featuring a selection of work by: Michael Ashley, Mark Blaney, Matthew Hasty, Robyn Horn, Dolores Justus, John Lasater, Sammy Peters, Michael Francis Reagan, Sandra Sell, Gary Simmons, Gene Sparling, Michael Warrick, Elizabeth Weber, and others! 

The opening reception will be held on Friday, November 3 from 5-9 p.m.  as part of the monthly Gallery Walk in downtown Hot Springs.

Please join us!

"The Illusion of Permanence II" by Matthew Hasty (c)
“The Illusion of Permanence II” by Matthew Hasty (c) – 24″h x 30″w – oil on canvas
"Appearance: controlled; purpose" by Sammy Peters (c) - 48"h x 48"w - oil and mixed media on canvas
“Appearance: controlled; purpose” by Sammy Peters (c) – 48″h x 48″w – oil and mixed media on canvas
"Washington Crossing" by John Lasater (c) - 11"h x 16"w - oil on linen panel
“Washington Crossing” by John Lasater (c) – 11″h x 16″w – oil on linen panel
"Day Dreamer" by Mark Blaney (c) - 20.25"h x 24.25"w x 10"d - ceramic and mixed media
“Day Dreamer” by Mark Blaney (c) – 20.25″h x 24.25″w x 10″d – ceramic and mixed media

"Lake Camp" by Michael Francis Reagan (c) - 16"h x 19"w - watercolor on paper
“Lake Camp” by Michael Francis Reagan (c) – 16″h x 19″w – watercolor on paper
#1369 "Swirling Millstone" by Robyn Horn (c) - 12"h x 12"w x 8"d - Redwood
#1369 “Swirling Millstone” by Robyn Horn (c) – 12″h x 12″w x 8″d – Redwood

Founded in 2004, Justus Fine Art Gallery represents the work of outstanding established and emerging artists. Exhibiting a wide range of styles and mediums, there is always something new and beautiful to experience.

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