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Mike Elsass

Mike Elsass’ strong abstracts are rendered on rusted sheets of steel. To Elsass the steel represents, “strength, life’s elements, aging, imperfection, and beauty.” Many pieces have over 40 coats of paint and glazing. The artist approaches his work with a spiritual and mediative mindset. Drawing inspiration from nature, Elsass travels throughout the country painting en plein air.

“He is dedicated to landscapes that reflect the moment of the soul; his paintings have emotional and visual connections with places of choice and memories beyond the present. Elsass expresses his awe for natural elements through color, with a spontaneity and joyfulness that are the main traits of his work. In his paintings, a memory of the horizon persists as a last thought before space dissolves.” – Anna Friedenberg

Elsass’ work has been widely exhibited and collected. Exhibitions have been featured at the Arte-Misia Gallery in Sedona, AZ; A Muse Gallery in Columbus, OH; One Fine Art Gallery in Chicago, IL; Posner Gallery in Detroit, MI; Chapman-Friedman Gallery in Louisville, KY; Malton Gallery in Cincinnati, OH; Malton Gallery (Art Expo) in New York and Atlanta; and others.

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