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Matthew Hasty

Born in Memphis, Tennessee in 1969, Matthew Hasty has lived most of his life in the South. His mother was an artist and the materials to make art were always around from early childhood, prompting Hasty to begin making art at a very young age. He earned a B.A. in Fine Arts at the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida in 1993, after which he moved to New York for a period of time. His artistic path took many twists and turns as he found peace in family life in his native town of Memphis. The subject matter of his work changed during this period, from angst driven figurative painting, where the landscape played the role of a backdrop for his dark personal allegories, to his more recent work: serene, spiritually charged landscapes mostly devoid of human activity. Inspired by the luminous colors of nature, Hasty creates hauntingly beautiful landscapes of the South. Hasty’s paintings can be found in collections throughout the United States, as well as Russia, Germany, France, and South Korea.

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