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Taimur Cleary

A native of Columbus, Ohio, Taimur Cleary holds a BA in art from Miami University in Ohio and a MFA from Pratt Institute in New York,. He has worked as an artist and educator throughout the U.S. and abroad. Cleary served as a Visiting Assistant Professor and Artist in Residence at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock from 2012 – 2015. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Art and Design for Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Michigan.

Solo exhibitions include: Surface, Space (Sundial Face) in Gallery II at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Little Rock, AR (2013); (With You) What You Take at the 12 Gates Art Gallery, Philadelphia, PA (2011) and at the Alhamra Arts Council in Lahore, Pakistan (2011); In the Event of (Another Horizon) at Grey Noise, Lahore Pakistan (2010); Of Stealth Agency (and Apperception) in the Stuben Galleries at Pratt Institute, New York, NY (2009); Grey Areas at the Guerilla Gallery in Denver, CO (2007); Transfiguration at Walker Fine Art in Denver, CO (2005); and Represenstraction at the Annex in Denver, CO (2004).

A self-described lifetime teacher and student of painting, Cleary lists a varied collection of influences and interests which have informed his work including: “art history, perception, meteorology, memory, abstraction, photography, Gerhard Richter, Phenomenology, Don Delillo, wind, Monet, Manet, circadian rhythms, Mark Rothko, Modest Mouse, his grandfather, birds, Andrew Bird, cardinal directions, atmosphere, his students, the obliquity of the elliptic, e.e. cummings, reflections, Dana Saulnier, Willem DeKooning and travel… to name a few of the nameable.”