Founded in 2004, Justus Fine Art Gallery represents the work of outstanding established and emerging artists.
Exhibiting a wide range of styles and mediums, there is always something
new and beautiful to experience.

The February Exhibit: Museum Meditations will feature a selection of new paintings by Laura Raborn based upon her observations of people interacting with art in museums or other public art spaces. Wood sculptures by Robyn Horn and Sandra Sell will also be on display, along with woodturned vessels by Gene Sparling and ceramics by Michael Ashley. Exhibit dates: February 5-28, 2021.

Click here to view an interview with Laura Raborn during the exhibit opening.

“We Are Only Passing Through” by Laura Raborn (c)



“The Mood” ©by Laura Raborn

14"h x 11"w - oil on wood panel
1349 Curved Knot

“Curved Knot” ©by Robyn Horn

15"h x 11"w x 4"d - Cherry

“Becoming Rothko” ©by Laura Raborn

12"h x 12"w - oil on wood panel

Colony ClusterbySandraSell21x23x16cherryweb

“Colony Cluster” ©by Sandra Sell

21"h x 23"w x 16"d - Cherry

“Studying Shapes” ©by Laura Raborn

12"h x 12"w - oil on wood panel

“Column” ©by Robyn Horn

24"h x 8"w x 8"d - Western Cedar