Founded in 2004, Justus Fine Art Gallery represents the work of outstanding established and emerging artists.
Exhibiting a wide range of styles and mediums, there is always something
new and beautiful to experience.

The New Year’s Exhibit will be a continuation of the December show featuring a selection of paintings by Sammy Peters, Dolores Justus, John Lasater, Laura Raborn, Tony Saladino, Rebecca Thompson, and Elizabeth Weber, cyanotype photography by Beverly Buys; along with sculpture and woodworking by Mia Hall, Robyn Horn, Sandra Sell, and Gene Sparling. January 3-31, 2020. 

“Determined: illusory; opposition” by Sammy Peters (c)



“Fall Forest” ©by Dolores Justus

24"h x 24"w - oil on canvas

“Rampart: fire; wind; earth” ©by Sammy Peters

48"h x 36"w - oil and mixed media on canvas

“Path of Awareness II” ©by Sandra Sell

43"h x 10"w x 8"d - Honey Locust and milk paint

A Conversation at Twilight 60 x 36horzsmweb2

“A Conversation at Twilight” ©by Elizabeth Weber

60" x 36" - acrylic on canvas (may be hung vertically or horizontally)

“The Visitors” ©by Laura Raborn

14"h x 11"w - oil on canvas