Founded in 2004, Justus Fine Art Gallery represents the work of outstanding established and emerging artists.
Exhibiting a wide range of styles and mediums, there is always something
new and beautiful to experience.

The August Exhibition “Fourteener” celebrates the gallery’s 14th Anniversary with an exhibit featuring work by Dustyn Bork, Taimur Cleary, Matthew Hasty, Robyn Horn, Dolores Justus, Jill Kyong, Charles Peer, Sandra Sell, Gene Sparling, Dan Thornhill, and others August 3 – 31, 2018.  

“House in the Pines” by Charles Peer (c)


Delta Moon by MatthewHasty48x60oiloncanvasweb

“Delta Moon” ©by Matthew Hasty

48"h x 60"w - oil on canvas

“Indeterminate Layers” ©by Robyn Horn

36"h x 48"w - acrylic, charcoal, and rust on canvas
OntheRiseIIbysandrasellMaple25.5x7x8 inweb

“On the Rise II” ©by Sandra Sell

25.5"h x 7"w x 8"d - Maple


“After the Storm” ©by Dolores Justus

9"h x 12"w - oil on canvas

“Shape No. 1″ ©by Dustyn Bork

12"h x 30"w - acrylic on shaped wood panel

“Life with the Pure Abstract” ©by Dan Thornhill

36"h x 36"w - mixed media on canvas