Founded in 2004, Justus Fine Art Gallery represents the work of outstanding established and emerging artists.
Exhibiting a wide range of styles and mediums, there is always something
new and beautiful to experience.

A solo exhibit, “Making Waves: Striation Paintings by Donnie Copeland” will be featured during the month of September. Sculpture and woodworking by Robyn Horn, Jill Kyong, Sandra Sell, and Gene Sparling. September 7 – 30, 2018.  

“STR 118″ by Donnie Copeland (c)



“STR 83″ ©by Donnie Copeland

8"h x 11"w - acrylic, charcoal and paper on paper

“STR 112″ ©by Donnie Copeland

60"h x 60"w - acrylic, charcoal and paper on canvas

“STR 89″ ©by Donnie Copeland

13"h x 13"w - acrylic and paper on paper


“Leaning” ©by Robyn Horn

27 3/4"h x x 10"w x 4"d - Cocobolo
"Flipping Out III" by Robyn Horn (c)

“Flipping Out III” ©by Robyn Horn

22 1/2"h x 23"w x 7 1/2"d - Jarrah Burl
Gene Sparling 105B web

#121615 “Vessel” ©by Gene Sparling

10 3/4" dia. x 6 1/4" h - American Holly