Laura Raborn

Laura Raborn’s paintings have been exhibited throughout Arkansas and are in private collections across the United States, including an acquisition by the new CARTI Collection. Her work has earned numerous awards such as the Wilma and Jack Diner Purchase Award at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and the Juror Award at the Irene Rosenzweig Biennial Juried Exhibition. She has a thriving portrait commission business, one of which was presented to the Governor of Arkansas, Mike Beebe.

After receiving a B.A. from Rollins College, Laura worked in marketing for six years and took evening classes at the Arkansas Arts Center, where she is delighted to now teach workshops. She recently completed her Masters in Art with a focus on Painting, during which she worked as a Graduate Assistant for the esteemed Dr. Floyd Martin.

I paint and draw the human figure as a way to explore modern culture and humanity. The figure becomes provocative when areas of the composition are obscured, like fading history. The figures I study make me realize many of us seek the quickest way of doing things, and in the abbreviated and hurried process, we miss valuable moments. Perhaps viewers will notice the little moments and the simple gestures captured in my paintings. – Laura Reborn

16″h x 12″w – oil on Arches oil paper

9″h x 12″w – oil on clayboard

9″h x 12″w – oil on canvas

16″h x 10″w – oil on canvas

9″h x 12″w – oil on wood panel

11″h x 14″w – oil on canvas

32″h x 24″w – acrylic on wood panel

16″h x 24″w – acrylic and oil on wood panel

12 3/4″h x 11″w – acrylic and oil on wood panel

24″h x 12″w – acrylic and oil on canvas

31 1/2″h x 23 1/2″w – acrylic, pencil and oil on wood panel

16″h x 20″w – oil on canvas

14″h x 22″w – mixed media on paper

16″h x 12″w – oil on canvas

48″h x 48″w – acrylic on canvas

44″h x 34″w – acrylic, charcoal, and oil on canvas

21″h x 24 1/2″w – oil on wood panel

36″h x 24″w – oil on canvas

18″h x 24″w – oil on wood panel

24″h x 58″w – oil on canvas – SOLD

18″h x 24″w – oil on wood panel

24″h x 38″w – mixed media on canvas

15″h x 21″w – oil on prepared paper

40″h x 40″w – mixed media on canvas