Gary Simmons

Gary Simmons is a multifacted artist having worked in numerous media, but it is his pen and ink drawings that he is most known for. Simmons is the author of The Technical Pen, considered a “must have” for anyone interesting in learning more about pen and ink techniques. Originally published by Watson Guptill in 1992, the book has been republished by Echo Point Books. Along with an extensive exhibition history and long list of collectors, Simmons recently retired from serving as an art professor at Henderson State University. He has also taught numerous pen and ink workshops throughout the nation at venues including: the Dallas Arts and Crafts Association in Dallas, TX; the National Art Materials Trade Association in Philadelphis, PA and in Arlington, VA; the Flushing Art League in Queens, NY; Allegheny Highland Arts in Clifton Forge, VA: Woodlands Workshop in Vancouver, WA; the Visual Arts Center of NW Florida in Panama City, FL; Rapid City Arts Council in Rapid City, SD; Artist and Display in Milwaukee, WI; the Barnwell Art Center in Shreveport, LA; the Naperville Art League in Naperville, IL; the Arkansas Arts Center in Little Rock, AR; Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, AR; the Daytona Beach Art League in Daytona Beach, FL; Camp Brook Comer Gallery in Bethel, Vermont; and many others.

16.5″h x 22.5″w – watercolor on paper

16.25″h x 22.25″w – watercolor on paper

10.75″h x 8″w – watercolor on paper

10″h x 5.375″w – pen and ink on paper

11.25″h x 8″h – watercolor on paper

8.75″h x 5.75″w – pen and ink on paper

10″h x 7.5″w – pen and ink

20″h x 14″w – watercolor on paper

13.5″h x 10.5″w – ink on paper

30″h x 24″w – graphite on paper

17″h x 2.5″w – ink and watercolor on paper

14.25″h x 10.25″w – watercolor on paper

17″h x 7.75″w – watercolor on paper

13.75″h x 7″w – ink on paper

9.5″h x 6.5″w – pen and ink

15″h x 11″w – watercolor on paper

13″h x 9″w – watercolor on paper

10.5″h x 8″w – pen and ink

10″h x 8″w – pen and ink

10″h x 8″w – pen and ink

10″h x 7″w – pen and ink

10.5″h x 7.5″w – pen and ink

10″h x 7.5″w – pen and ink

11″h x 8.5″w – pen and ink

23″h x 13″w – pen and ink

10″h x 8″w – pen and ink

23″h x 13″w – pen and ink