“Place Holders” – May 5 – 31, 2017

“Place Holders” – May 5 – 31, 2017
Place Holders
The May exhibit at Justus Fine Art Gallery will feature a group exhibition featuring art grown from the intimacy and observation of place. The participating artists will be showing work that relates to the places that are of particular importance to them, with accompanying statements about those connections. Work by Beverly Buys, Virmarie DePoyster, Randall M. Good, Matthew Hasty, Dolores Justus, Laura Raborn, Gary Simmons, Rebecca Thompson, Emily Wood, and others will be featured. Place Holders will open with a reception from 5-9 p.m. on Friday, May 5, in conjunction with the monthly Gallery Walk in downtown Hot Springs. The exhibit will be on display May 5-31, 2017.

Included in the May exhibit, Rebecca Thompson’s painting Gathering Place combines two of her favorite places, woods and porches, into the work. The artist finds a space for thought and beauty in the woods, while porches represent the warm companionship of gatherings with friends and family.

"Gathering Place" by Rebecca Thompson (c)

“Gathering Place” by Rebecca Thompson (c)

Work from Laura Raborn’s Island Dreams and Memories series reflects the importance that an island she had visited as a child, and then recently revisited as an adult, has held for her. “Using memories, photos and sketches from the island has become a vehicle to articulate ideas I’ve tried to convey for years through painting: ideas about place, individual perception, memory, and the slippery passage of time,” states Raborn.

Beverly Buy’s Delta in Blue series of cyanotype photographs tell a tale of life lived close to the land. The artist is drawn to “the long and lonesome highways through the flat delta landscape” and the stories behind the abandoned houses and businesses that have been forgotten. Her photographs serve as a reminder to history, lives lived, and the continued struggle of life.

Randall M. Good will be exhibiting three sketches that he completed on location in Venice, Italy. Good states, “Venice, both so tangible and so dreamlike, as it floats seemingly suspended between water and sky, is the perfect place for me to return to again and again as I let my mind go off on flights of fancy. There is something about it, even just an imaginary revisit, or a quick sketch, that can put me in the perfect frame of mind to create.”

Matthew Hasty’s luminous southern landscapes are focused on places that resonate with the artist. From the big skies of delta farmlands, to cypress swamps, pecan orchards, or historic sites in Memphis, Hasty captures the soul of those places. Early in his career, Hasty traveled the country in search of the meaning and inspiration for his art making a living as a builder, painter and musician. His artistic path took many twists and turns until he found peace in family life in his native town of Memphis. When he returned to his roots, the subject matter of his work also changed from angst driven figurative painting, to his current work which features serene, spiritually charged landscapes.

The colorful pastel paintings included in the exhibit by Virmarie DePoyster, serve as markers in the artist’s life. From the landscape of home, to memories of relationships tied to certain places, DePoyster imbues her work with personal meaning. Gary Simmons finds inspiration close to home in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The play of light and shadow amid the historic architecture of downtown Hot Springs has been a major theme in his work. The exhibition also includes a selection of Emily Wood’s paintings of family and friends on wood panel. Set in moments from the places Wood calls home, the work is grounded in a sense of place.

Dolores Justus acknowledges the important role that connection to place plays in her landscape paintings. “You can respond to beautiful scene from anywhere, but those places that touch you on a personal level have a special allure. They hold a piece of you,” states the artist.

"Stepping Stones" by Dolores Justus (c)

“Stepping Stones” by Dolores Justus (c)

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