Michael Ashley, Jennifer Libby Fay, Dolores Justus, & Matthew Hasty Featured – February 5 – 29, 2016

Michael Ashley, Jennifer Libby Fay, Dolores Justus, & Matthew Hasty Featured – February 5 – 29, 2016

The February exhibit at Justus Fine Art Gallery will featured new work by ceramic artist Michael Ashley, along with paintings by Dolores Justus, Matthew Hasty, Jennifer Libby Fay and others. The exhibit will open with a reception from 5-9 p.m., on Friday, February 5 in conjunction with the monthly Hot Springs Gallery Walk. The show will be on display February 5-29, 2016.

Michael Ashley graduated with a BA in painting and ceramics from the College of the Ozarks, completed a one-year residency at Tainan National University of the Arts in Taiwan, and went on to earn a MFA in ceramics from the University of Ole Miss. Ashley currently lives in Tupelo, Mississippi where he operates his working studio and gallery. He also teaches in workshops and university settings throughout the country.

“My work invites touch, like a stone plucked from a riverbed. I love pots that are smooth in the hand but have a rugged, natural beauty. I observe a constant erosion and evaporation that takes place at the river’s edge. I strive for layers of visual depth combining sheen, matte and ashy, crackled surfaces to recall this geological wearing. I begin my day with tea; boil the water, strain, pour and savor. That rhythm carries throughout my day whether chopping onions or wedging clay. Make something, use it, let that thing inform life, make more.” – Michael Ashley

Vessels by Michael Ashley (c)

Vessels by Michael Ashley (c)

"Glowing Field" by Dolores Justus (c) 2016

“Glowing Field” by Dolores Justus (c)

Inspired by the natural world, Dolores Justus’ paintings reflect a sensitive and intuitive view that distills patterns of light and form into compositions that engage and inspire. Her painterly style also contributes to the interactive quality of her art. In her exploration of the confluence of optics and painterly abstraction, her work belongs to the “new landscape” movement of contemporary American art. Justus’ work has been exhibited throughout the country and abroad, and is included in many public and private collections.

"Rice Field at Sunset" by Matthew Hasty (c)

“Rice Field at Sunset” by Matthew Hasty (c)

Acclaimed Memphis artist Matthew Hasty creates luminous landscape paintings of the South that have been widely collected throughout the United States, as well as Russia, Germany, France, South Korea, and more. Hasty credits the landscape painters of the Hudson River School, the Luminists, the Barbizon School, along with notable Russian artists; among his strongest influences for his work. Hasty’s mastery of his subject matter and medium reflects, not only his exceptional skill, but also the strong connection he has with the South.

"Long Time Love" by Jennifer Libby Fay (c)

“Longtime Love” by Jennifer Libby Fay (c)

Jennifer Libby Fay’s paintings and installations have been featured in numerous exhibits and collections. An accomplished handweaver and fiber artist, Fay ocuses on textile surface design and multiple dying techniques, embellishment, and fabric manipulation. Fay states, “My work is about transformation, imagination and symbol. Beyond the obvious and immediate meaning of a composition, I am interested in exploring the relationship between art, nature and spirituality.”